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These days it’s hard to tell what’s in fashion. Boys are dressing like girls, girls are dressing in their grandmother’s clothes and sometime it’s hard to tell the difference between a homeless person and a hipster. Luckily at InHouse Crown we are always aware of what’s in vogue thanks to our clients. Among our client we count several fashion brands that are all making splashes in the news.

Levi’s are not just making fashionable headlines, they’re making eco ones too. In early 2013, the denim company will debut their Waste Less line. The collection will be created out of 20% recycled plastic. The process to create these
eco-friendly pants consists of crushing bottles into a fibre-like substance and then weaving them into jeans. So far over 3.5 million plastic bottles have been used to create the collection which will be available in worldwide stores.

Sometime it’s not about what you’re doing right now but rather what you’ve done before. Paul Smith will be the subject of an exhibition at the Design Museum in 2013. Instead of the usual boring museum exhibition, this one gives visitors a behind-the-scenes insight into what makes a catwalk collection. They’ll be able to explore the production, marketing and designing of one of the designer’s latest collections. The concepts behind his shops – like the Japanese garden in the Tokyo store or the bright pink façade in LA – will also be highlighted.

When you’re one of South Africa’s leading luxury menswear brands, there’s no doubt you know how to pull off a soiree. The Fabiani Grand Hotel event was held last week at their V&A Waterfront store. Guests were given the chance to
experience the collection whilst enjoying the finer things in life. Instead of the boring ramp show, selected media and loyal customers were invited to peruse the store while a live jazz band played in the background. Models showed off
the new collection of bright colours, wool blazers, bow ties and handmade leather shoes while the event made for an intimate personal shopping and brand experience.

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