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When it comes to meeting new people and getting to know them or perhaps to make an impact, there is no better place than a nightclub or bar. If you take away the loud music, the overpriced drinks and dark lights, what is a conference but a nightclub during the day. Conferences are where you meet new people, you try and make an impression and you get to learn a lot about others; whether it’s their business ideas, their culture or just the fact that they’re horrible
dancers; this is the place to be.

The 9th annual Sino International Freight Forwarders Conference took place in September. For the first time, the conference was held in Xiamen, China and saw over 2000 delegates take part in almost 70 000 networking meetings. Apart from attending meetings, getting to know delegates and networking, InHouse Crown also found time to make headlines. The walking billboard shirts, which we debuted at the WCA Family of Logistic Networks conference in Miami, were a big hit, large enough to make the WCA newspaper.

We were recently privy to the upcoming festival period between The Middle-Autumn Day and National Day in China. This 8-day holiday starts with the Festival of Reunion where most people return to their hometown to spend time with family and friends and consume lots of moon cake. The moon cake is a traditional pastry that is heavily eaten during this time. There are five styles of moon cakes which all depend on the region they’re made in; the most popular being those filled with red bean or lotus seed paste. In recent years, moon cakes have been adapted to a fat free, high-fibre and low-sugar versions. The fillings have also undergone a make-over; you can now choose from a caviar or foie gras
savoury option, delicacies like shark fin or ginseng or even Haägen-Dazs ice-cream flavour.

Some news stories keep on making a splash for months to come. We’ve already mentioned our charitable client Carrol Boyes and their efforts to help the plight of the rhino. This past month they pledged even more support by hosting a silent auction for International Save the Rhino Day. And they’re not the only ones making the world a little better; for the past four years clothing brand Fabiani have made donations to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. The Last Red Button Hole Project has been running since 2008 and portions of proceeds from every shirt sold have
gone towards the children’s hospital. In recognition of the contributions so far, the hospital has named a ward after the retailer.

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