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It’s usually around this time that people start thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions. Well, they’re also thinking about that elusive bonus, how to avoid too many family gatherings and trying not to embarrass themselves at their office Christmas party. Between all that they start thinking about how the next year can be different and so the resolutions start. Lose weight, do more, make a difference, etc. This year instead of looking back at what we can improve, InHouse Crown is looking at the way we and our terrific client base have made headlines.

We’ve become more green. Two of our clients have taken the initiative and have found ways to keep the planet
green. PUMA now takes part in the UPS Carbon Neutral Program which assists in offsetting the carbon impact of the company’s deliveries whilst Levi’s are about to debut their Waste Less collection. This eco-friendly range of clothes
includes a pair of jeans created out of 20% recycled plastics.

We’ve become fearless. It’s not every day you come face-to-face with four sharks but for InHouse Crown it was just another shipment. One of our more exhilarating shipments was assisting the Two Oceans Aquarium in transporting four juvenile sand tiger ragged-tooth sharks to their new home at Istanbul’s aquarium. The entire operation took less than two weeks and involved over 20 people.

We’ve become more charitable thanks to the efforts of our clients. First Carrol Boyes partnered with the WWF’s Rhino Conservation Work to create and sell a line of stylish business card holders; 25% of the proceeds of each sale were donated to the WWF to help the rhino conservation fund. Fabiani are another stylish brand who is also making a difference through their products. Their Last Red Button Hole first started in 2008 and has contributed portions
of their shirt sales towards the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

We’ve gone to the Olympics. Well, sort of. Thanks to our clients like PUMA and Paul Smith we were able to enjoy the 2012 London Olympics. Fashion designer Paul Smith was commissioned to design a seven-piece set of stamps for
games in his signature colourful style. PUMA on the other hand introduced their evoSPEED collection inspired by Usain Bolt. The ground-breaking footwear was designed to enhance speed and was spotted on Bolt’s feet during the Olympics.

We’ve become more innovative. With so many international conferences and so many other freight agents out there, we needed something to stand out. Our work already speaks for itself but not everyone has had the chance to experience that. So we saved some time and decided to approach our conferences a little different this year with our billboard shirts. All the essential information needed to attract prospective clients in one space. Our work does
the rest.

All in all, a good year. Season’s Greetings from all at InHouse Crown.

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