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With the start of every New Year, there are attempts to improve on the past 12 months. Some of us take out gym contracts, others bookmark new diets that are guaranteed to change our lives and then there’s the InHouse Crown family. We, along with our clients, are looking at new, innovative ways and spaces to change and make a difference. From opening new stores to pioneering ad campaigns to giving back and changing lives in the community, 2013 is off to a positive start.

Earlier this month InHouse Crown hosted a spit braai at the SA Children’s Home. The home, which was first established in 1808, cares for children of all ages and circumstances placed there via the children’s court. They aim to provide these displaced children with a secure, loving and happy environment that also includes medical and therapeutic services. In addition, Development Plans are established for every child which is an individual-based campaign to promote basic life skills and personal growth. Staff members and their families were fortunate enough to interact with 36 children currently residing at the home as well as make some donations of new bedding, books, cooking equipment and snack boxes. If you’d like to find out more about the home and/or make a donation, you can contact InHouse Crown or the SA Children’s Home on + 27 21 423 1328.

G-Star Raw is opening their year with a new innovative ad campaign. The company which is considered to be one of the foremost creators of quality jeans have teamed up with Skrillex and animators Glassworks London to release the Art of Raw campaign. The animated video which will be debut mid-February features new company mascot Skeleton Dog and gives viewer’s an inside eye into the process of constructing and creating the brand’s signature denim products.

As a long-time service provider to Paul Smith, we’re extremely happy to announce the opening of its new store in Cape Town. Although not strictly a new venture for 2013, the store opened late last November, this diffusion shop has
been adapted to reflect the culture and atmosphere of the Mother City. Situated on the corner of what is becoming the city’s hottest street, Bree and Wale, Paul Smith offers the Paul Smith Jeans range for men and the Paul by Paul Smith
collection for women. The more formal and tailored collections, London and Mainline are available at the Parkhurst store. Clientele can also shop for accessories and shoes from the latest collections.

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