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As we’ve seen from teen movies, reality shows and now our favourite brands, makeovers is the way to make a statement. Whether it’s the shy girl in the glasses who becomes a foxy lady; the derelict house that starts to resemble a mansion; or when it’s some of InHouse Crown’s own clients that are taking boring, bleh, old things and turning them into all kinds of fabulous, you stand up and notice.

Thanks to Levi’s your grandmother’s old quilt is getting a fashionable makeover. But let’s be clear, these babies are not
your average moth ball-smelling granny blanket. The limited edition collection will comprise of cropped pants, shift dresses, vest and shirts all created with artisan quilts which are then dyed in the brand’s indigo. And if the Artisan
Blanket Collection wasn’t unique enough, thanks to the use of vintage blankets and quilts, no two items are the same.

A makeover is all about small changes that can result in a whole new you. And we all know a good change is as amazing as a holiday. Unless of course you recently went on a luxury cruise. Normally when we think about ocean liners and cruise ships, we think cocktail hour, tanning by the pool, casino nights on deck; all the things you need to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Sadly that was not the case for the guests of the Carnival Triumph cruise liner. The four-day cruise was meant to be the relaxing break we all need but sadly due to a fire in one of the engine rooms, the
cruise turned into a holiday from hell. Over 3000 passengers and 1000 staff were subjected to grisly sanitary conditions when the Carnival Triumph lost power. Passengers used social media to document their trip with many making “I
Survived the Triumph”

One brand who are doing makeovers right is Puma. Once again they are showing off their commitment to becoming the world’s most sustainable sports lifestyle brand. They have just launched InCycle, a collection of footwear, clothes and
accessories that have all achieved the basic Cradle to Cradle Certification. In short, the creation and production of these products was done in a sustainable manner and with a low carbon footprint. All the products in the collection are either recyclable or biodegradable like the standout item the Basket Tee which is fully compostable.

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