Like a Lightning Bolt

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When it comes to speed, the verity of a person’s is often related to what they use it for. Usain Bolt can crush 100 metres in less than 10 seconds as the fame, glory and gold medals are at the finishing line. I move with similar speed when un-tagging unflattering pictures on Facebook to preserve my dignity.

Unsurprising though, it’s Bolt’s lightning speed that has the people interested. PUMA have even taken things further by creating a shoe in Bolt’s honour. The creative team had hoped to incorporate a little of Usain Bolt’s spirit when creating a pair of trainers. When cloning was not an option, they looked to the man himself. The result? The evoSPEED collection; groundbreaking footwear designed to enhance speed. The sports and lifestyle brand as well as proud InHouse Crown client have produced a collection of shoes that offer a light weight, secure fit and all the flexibility sports stars need when tearing up the track, pitch and cricket ground.

Bolt will debut his new footwear at the 2012 Diamond League event as well as wearing them during the Olympic Games. Other sport stars who will be wearing the evoSPEED collection include golfer Ricki Fowler, cricket player Yuvraj Singh,
Fernado Alonso and footballer Sergio Aguero. The collection will be available to purchase from the 1 June 2012.

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